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• Do you have health issues you need help to heal?
• Do you want to stop overthinking?
• Do you want to improve your mood?
• Do you want more energy?

Seems like you were called to this site for a reason.

Ready to upgrade your life?
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I’m Fiona Boulton

Thanks for following the calling of your intuition and stopping by. There’s no such thing as co-incidences so if you have found yourself here then you are ready for a life upgrade.

Ready to be part of the evolution and take back control of your health & happiness?

You can reclaim your power and be the master of your mind, your body, your life.


This site is dedicated to my “heart work,” my “soul mission” in which I can teach humanity how to be a ‘conscious creator’ in an affordable way and enjoyable way.

My work is an extension of Abraham Hicks, Neil Donald Walsh, Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, Dr Joe Dispenza as well as my own Divine connection to source and Quan Yin. Many people are drawn to these inspirational leader’s teachings but are unable to embody the manifestation concepts, this is where I can help.

You can work directly with me in a 1-to-1 capacity or you can advance your skills and open new career opportunities up for yourself with a certified qualification course of mine.


Want to be a healer?

✓ Pay what you can afford.
✓ Train in Qi Energy Healing
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Want to be a meditation instructor?

✓ Pay what you can afford.
✓ Train to be a Qi Energy Meditation teacher
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Want to be a Qi Yoga instructor?

✓ Train to be a Qi Yoga teacher
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Want to be a Fertility Coach?

✓ Train to be a Fertility Coach
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Ready for a life upgrade?

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What Others Say...

“Wow! Working with Fiona is amazing! I had never experienced Qi Energy Healing before but I had tried many other forms and nothing compared. I could really feel the shift of energy and loved the feeling. I highly recommend it!”

Rebecca Lightfoot, 48

“I was recommended by my wife to have a Qi Energy Healing to help me improve my EQ and confidence. I was sceptical to start but now see Fiona regularly for energy upgrades.”

Michael Mathers, 54

“Fiona is an impressive meditation instructor, without her help I don’t think I could have ever stopped the mental dialogue that was draining my energy.”

Tim Cahill, 23

“Now I can sleep! I definitely recommend Fiona’s work”

Sarah McDermott, 42

“Thank you Fiona for such a powerful upgrade. After my 3 Qi Energy Healings and meditation techniques my new level of confidence and clarity in my life is helping me forge a new path in the direction I have always wanted to take in my life. Could not have done it without you.”

Frankie J, 33

“Fiona brings in a new level of consciousness. She helps you to self-heal and to access greater awareness of you and what is possible for you. I recommend her to all my friends and family because her work is expansive, it knows no boundaries or limits.”

Ella Montgomery, 44

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel so renewed and have a new lease on life. A lot more energy and happiness, like I could have never imagined. Fiona, you helped me heal my UTI after 1 session, you are a blessing.”

Tatiana Kowalski, 37

“I look forward to my monthly top up sessions with Fiona, they brighten up my life in every possible way. If you are looking for a spiritual guide, some self-healing techniques, a new perspective or more access to joy then Fiona Boulton can help you.”

Sebastian L, 28

“I turned to Fiona for self-healing when I was diagnosed with cancer and her work with me was transformational. I will always be grateful for her and how she helped me. I am now living cancer-free.”

Katie Turnbull, 69

“Having thyroid issues and sinking into a state of depression was incredibly debilitating. With Fiona’s coaching, her meditations, her healings and her teachings that empowered me to take back control of my life have been a god-send. I recommend Fiona and her work wholeheartedly.”

Jane M, 46

“I am really grateful for all I have learnt with Fiona. I love her teacher training programs (I have done 2, and enjoy her fresh approach to ancient wisdom and transference of knowledge). She makes sure her students graduate with confidence and I am grateful for our paths having crossed, she is a breath of fresh air in a world that feels so stuffy and stagnant at times.”

Skye Breen, 40

There’s no such thing as a co-incidence.
If you are here, your soul led you to the place you have been seeking.

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