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The Life Upgrade Podcast

In this podcast episode of Wholeness With Hannah, Fiona Boulton focuses on hormones, cycles, prepping the body for conception. Fiona teaches how important it is to take care of both your mental and your physical health when trying to conceive. Trigger warning: miscarriages are also discussed.

Looking for an inspiring and motivating way to upgrade your life?

Look no further than the new Life Upgrade For Women podcast that provides helpful strategies, success stories and genuine support to uplift you into a higher state of joy, confidence, self-empowerment and self-mastery every week.

My new podcast is specifically designed for women who are looking for ways to improve their lives and reach their goals by reclaiming their power and opening their mind to forbidden knowledge.

The podcast features interviews with influencers, thought leaders, and experts who have experienced their own life upgrades.

I guarantee that these conversations will leave you feeling empowered, energised and ready to take the next steps towards achieving your goals with greater ease than you thought possible.

For those of you who told me you love podcasts by these people: Dr Chatterjee, Tony Riddle, Zapheria Bell, Happy Place by Fearne Cotton, Mel Robbins, Abraham Hicks, Teresa Palmer, Mother Daze… Then you are going to love mine!

Topics will include everything from nutrition and detoxing to self-love and all things true in the world of science and spirituality. Be prepared to open your mind to some suppressed knowledge that will help you upgrade your life in simple steps.

Interviews will be with inspirational women, many of them my clients (and looking forward to interviewing you when you have succeeded next too!)

The new launch date will be April 2024

Producing a perfect podcast takes significant amounts of time, I know your time is precious and valuable so I want to fine tune these podcasts to guarantee you get what you expect. I want you to not only be educated but motivated to implement the little lifestyle tweaks that take you to the next level, a genuine life upgrade.

I’m brewing the most delicious thirst quenching empowerment serum that just needs a little more time to percolate.

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