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Self-Healing Course

Self Healing – Self Empowerment – Self Mastery – Energy Management (SHEM)

The no-nonsense, results driven formula to quickly and effectively restore physical, mental as well as emotional balance to your life.

Then now is the time to choose Fiona Boulton’s SHEM Course
Self Healing – Self Empowerment – Self Mastery – Energy Management (SHEM).

In 2024 there is a transformation of humanity, shifting out of the old ‘lack’ and ‘victim’ paradigm into self mastery. It is now the time more than ever to turn within and activate your innate abilities to self heal and reclaim your power. As soon as you embody the easy strategies that reclaim your ability to live an easier, more enjoyable life, you can expect miracles to happen (to you and others around you).

How the SHEM Course Works

✓ Receive guidance to help you “release and reframe” your thoughts, feelings and actions to shift you out of ‘dis-ease’ and into a state of harmony, health and wellbeing.

✓ It is more than a talking therapy, it is an active and dynamic set of strategies that create lasting change on a deep cellular and energetic template level that is incredibly enjoyable and empowering.

✓ You will be given the tools to release and rewire everything that is holding you back and causing you pain and suffering with easy-to-follow tools.

Why the Old Ways of Therapy Do Not Work

The consciousness of the planet and all the beings upon her are shifting into a higher plane. This is the time when you are naturally ‘shedding’ what is not working so you can reclaim all levels, layers, skills and talents lying dormant within.

Old ways of therapy (counselling, psychiatry etc) that keep you in the perpetual loop of misery, suffering and lack simply have no place upon the new earth paradigm.

Only modalities that promote authentic self healing will survive the upcoming shifts because it is time for all humans to reclaim their sovereignty to be open to more joy and less discordance.

Meditation really is the best medication. I’ve been teaching it since 2003 and teach all 5 types to ensure all my students “can” meditate and get the full benefits of putting their body into healing mode.

I am one of the only meditation teachers that can guarantee you will be able to meditate deeply because I teach ways you can “set up the foundation” required for a deep healing meditation which include:

✓ Breathing Techniques for certain ailments

✓ Cellular Memory

✓ Chakras Therapy

✓ Colour Therapy

✓ Cordings (Relationships)

✓ Creating

✓ Daily Routine

✓ Daoist Flow of Energy

✓ Environmental Healing

✓ Energy Hygiene Techniques

✓ Grounding Techniques

✓ Medical Movements

✓ Meditation Techniques (to teach a bespoke meditation program tailored to you)

✓ Mind Mastery Techniques to create a new blueprint for your cells to undergo a health reset

✓ Self Love

✓ Self Worth

All meditation sessions are recorded so you can re-listen multiple times to keep the up the momentum of self-healing.

NOTE: For clients on the self-healing path to beat cancer I recommend a 2x daily meditation practice. 

Every time you meditate you activate your parasympathetic nervous system which helps the body overcome dis-ease by activating harmony at a deep cellular level.

If you would like to start your healing journey through meditation with me (which has earned me the reputation as “miracle maker”) then the sooner we start the better; because the sooner you put your body into healing mode.

To Help You Learn How to Self-Heal THE SHEM COURSE INCLUDES:
✓ 10 pre-recorded online sessions with Fiona
✓ Step-by-step recorded videos and notes
✓ Access to group support via the online facebook private group


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This is the self mastery course of the future.
It is also the foundation course for anyone wanting to become a Qi Energy Healer.

There’s no such thing as a co-incidence.
If you are here, your soul led you to the place you have been seeking.

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