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Become a Healer Course

Why People Choose to Become a Qi Energy Healer

People are attracted to learn Qi Energy Healing to:

✓ Grasp the science of spirituality

✓ Mould energy into form

✓ Heal

✓ Re-balance

✓ Re-harmonise and re-set their own life and others.

For people who seek the facts. No fluff.


For people who want to be taught through heart-space consciousness; in a caring and considerate manner.

What Sets Qi Energy Healing Apart From Other Training?

Qi Energy Healing penetrates beyond the 7 main chakras and dimensions that Reiki focuses on. A Qi Energy Healer can work with all levels and layers of the human energy field, (way beyond 7).

This Qi Energy Healing course is designed to awaken a deeper sense of consciousness (awareness) to tap into the resonance of truth and the well of inner wisdom. Training to become a Qi Energy Healer is bound to expand the minds of all students – like never before.

The self-empowerment practices help the student to master themselves and then they have the tools as well as capability to help others do the same.

Energy Hygiene and full comprehension of Energy Management is key to a Qi Energy Healer.

Sadly, Energy Hygiene and Energy Management is not common knowledge with other forms of healing.

What Sets Qi Energy Healing Training Apart In 2023?

Learning style is tailored to your needs

Strategies are embodied

Combine past skills

Support to launch your new business as a healer

100% pass rate

100% graduate with competence

100% graduate with confidence


International Live Training

Directly with Fiona Boulton

✓ The Qi Energy Healing Course is taught live online

✓ All training sessions are recorded so you can watch the replays.

✓ Bonus (optional) live training is offered in the UK with Fiona Boulton in person twice annually

Message from Fiona

“Spanning my 20-year career as a healer, I followed my vocation to ‘help a mass amount of people find happiness.’ I discovered a way to help people enjoy rapid, life-changing results after just a few sessions by working on balancing all levels and layers of their human energy field based on the issue they present at the time. This includes the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the subtle-energy bodies.

Qi means ‘life force’ and the Qi Energy Healing Course teaches you all about the different
types of energy you can utilise; self-generate and protect yourself from; in order to reclaim all
aspects of you and your life.

Having seen the vast amounts of false teachings, false spiritual leaders and false spiritual practices abundant amongst the religious dogma, ‘the new age movement’ as well as the ‘love and light’ community, I felt compelled to modify my original Qi Energy Healing Course in 2023 so as to share a new level of truth consciousness to help all humans raise their vibration (technically speaking, raising their oscillating frequency). In doing so, all students are given greater clarity to the Base-12 energies and not the contorted Base-10 false teachings.

Training is primarily online to ensure that students worldwide can be a part of the Qi Energy Healing School, but there are plenty of opportunities to meet me and fellow students through regular online events and to meet me in person in the UK twice each year at bi-annual events.

The Qi Energy Healing School provides a true sense of Qi-Unity for all students and if you are reading this you are probably drawn to be part of the Qi-Unity Family too.

Remember, The Qi Energy Healing Course connects you to your innate healing skills and deepens your spiritual and personal development. Working as a Qi Energy Healer will radiate your unique inner qualities, skills, talents and abilities. By the time you graduate as an Advanced Qi Energy Healer the course could help you discover your purpose and to live on purpose.

I am looking forward to meeting you and journeying with you along your path of empowerment, self love, self worth, self mastery and a passion to share this with others around the world.”

In love,

You Will Know If You Are Ready to Become a Qi Energy Healer If You Are:

✓ Ready to get more out of life

✓ Ready to self-heal and end personal suffering

✓ Ready to manifest desires (not fears)

✓ Ready to harmonise relationships

✓ Ready to ease pain, suffering and confusion

✓ Ready to help family members ease pain, suffering and confusion

✓ Ready to help friends ease pain, suffering and confusion

✓ Ready to help colleagues ease pain, suffering and confusion

✓ Ready to help clients ease pain, suffering and confusion

✓ Ready to make a real change in the world

✓ Ready for a new career within 6 months – to practice being a healer with confidence

Topics Covered Up To Advanced Level Training (listed alphabetically):
  1. Anatomy and Physiology (very basic level)
  2. Ancestral Connections and DNA Codes
  3. Animal Healing
  4. Belief Systems
  5. Cellular DNA
  6. Cellular Memory
  7. Chakras
  8. Colour Therapy
  9. Cordings (Relationships)
  10. Creating
  11. Daily Routine
  12. Daoist Flow of Energy
  13. Disconnection Decree
  14. Earthing
  15. Energy Hygiene
  16. Energy Medicine
  17. Energy Sensitising (Self and Others)
  18. Enhanced States of Being
  19. Environmental Healing
  20. Emotions
  21. Emotional Guidance System
  22. Galactic History
  23. Grounding
  24. Hidden Power within the Human DNA Template
  25. Higher Intelligence
  26. How Multi-Dimensional Human Beings Really Function
  27. Human Creation
  28. Human Energy Field
  29. Inner Child
  30. Intuition
  31. Kathara Healing System
  32. Managing Energy Flow
  33. Managing Energy Zones
  34. Manifest
  35. Medical Martial Arts
  36. Meditation
  37. Meridians
  38. Morphogenetic Field
  39. Multi-Dimensional Tools
  40. Peace
  41. Portals
  42. Presence (Command the “Now”)
  43. Qi
  44. Quantum Consciousness
  45. Quantum Healing
  46. Quantum Physics (very basic level)
  47. Reclaiming Energy
  48. Releasing Limitations
  49. Release From Mind Control Programs
  50. Sacred Science
  51. Scalar Frequencies
  52. Scalar Technologies
  53. Scientific Side of Spirituality
  54. Self Healing
  55. Self Love
  56. Self Worth
  57. Skills to Manage Life
  58. Space Clearing
  59. Stargates
  60. Templates
  61. Trust
  62. Yogic Practices

How Do You Become a Qi Energy Healer?


✓ Spoken to Fiona about your reasons for becoming a Qi Energy Healer


✓ Experienced a Qi Energy Healing with Fiona


Completed the SHEM Course
(Self Healing | Self Empowering | Self Mastery)


Two Tiers of Training to Become a Qi Energy Healer

Tier 1 Beginner Level:

Qi Energy Healer Qualification Training Course

The course is a combination of training sessions with Fiona Boulton:

Pre-recorded videos

1 live UK training directly with Fiona Boulton (optional)

Live online training dates

Live Training Dates for the Qi Energy Healing Course

All live sessions are recorded so you can watch the replay if you can’t make a live session.

Upon completion, you will be able to heal yourself and others as a beginner level healer. You will be able to charge people money and insure yourself once you have received your certification.

You can achieve certification in 3 steps

  1. After you have passed your theory and practical exams
  2. Submitted your 25 case studies
  3. Had your training journal sited.

You can choose anytime to book your theory and practical exams, there is no pressure.

Taking enrolments for April 2023

✓ 2 month intensive study course, commencing 23 April 2023

✓ You can sit your exams whenever you feel ready

Tier 2 Advanced Level:

Advanced Qi Energy HealingMaster Level Diploma Training Course


✓ Spoken to Fiona about your reasons for training to Diploma level to become an Advanced Qi Energy Healing Master

✓ Decided whether you want to use this skill to run a business and require the Business Accelerator and Marketing Mastermind Support

✓ Hold a certified qualification as a Qi Energy Healer.
Your exams are paid for separately to cover the cost of two examiners. Cost in 2023 is £597.

Taking enrolments for September 2023

✓ 7 month study course

✓ You can sit your exams whenever you feel ready

There’s no such thing as a co-incidence.
If you are here, your soul led you to the place you have been seeking.

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